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This blog is about living the life you want. I am a pagan woman living in a modern society where people are judgemental & rude to what they don’t understand. I am a firm believer in being who you truly want to be, I am a mom of 2 beautiful kids whom are 9 & 6, I am in the process of a divorcing a narcissist. And after 14 months I have found love again with someone who wants to be with me and he wants to be there for my kids. I want to be able to connect with people on a human level. I am a crafter of all sorts but mostly comes down to crocheting.

If we are all kind to one human a day what would this world come to.

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The Pagan Princess


They’ve arrived!!!

As some of you know I have been working on hatching some eggs (Chicken & guineas). I hatched 16 chicks & 2 guineas! I didn’t realize it would be so rewarding until hatch day was upon us! They all have their own personalities, watching them grow and what is really awesome to see is that they already know how to be chickens! This is sure a heart swelling adventure that I hope I am able to continue!

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The Pagan Princess

Eggciting update!

Like I have said in my other posts this is my first time hatching eggs outside of a classroom as a young girl, and that was many many moons ago! Anyways onto the eggciting update, we have 31 eggs in the incubator, and all of them are showing signs of life. This is sure a joy, it’s educating my children on where eggs come from, how they come to be our egg layers and the time and effort that they take to grow into sweet little chicks. Deep down I feel my boyfriend is also enjoying this even though he is the one with a very long “honey do list” for these soon to be littles.

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The Pagan Princess

Eggs update

So eggcited…..we have 10 with life in them, 4 we are waiting to see if anything happens from there first batch the guinea eggs are looking good from the research I’ve done, the duck eggs are not looking great and the 2nd batch of chicken eggs need about 2 more days to see any life! This is such a fun experience with the kids, Blaine was confirming my findings and Bella was putting check marks on them….man I love these kids 💖💖💖

Becoming a chicken mom

I have had chickens for just about 8 & 1/2 months well I have lost some and gained some, one of which was a rooster, so I along with the support of my step dad, boyfriend and my wonderful mama decided to try and hatch some babies. We have a mixed flock, we don’t know who lays what but I am hoping for the best odds, this is my first hatch so fingers crossed. I will keep everyone updated!

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The Pagan Princess

Wool dryer balls…

I have decided to try my had at making these and let me tell ya, it’s quite easy! The first few rounds of wraps are the most challenging but it works up into a chemical free dryer ball. Directions underneath

Materials needed:

100% wool yarn/roving

Knee high stocking ( I paid .35$)


Yarn needle

And a bit of acrylic yarn

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Any 100% wool yarn/roving will work, I wrapped my 2 fingers about 15 times, slid the yarn off and repeated this until I reached my desired size of my dryer ball! They work up super quick, once you are finished making the balls to your desired size weave in your tail and place in stockings until taut and tie off with acrylic yarn in between balls.

Wash in a hot wash with towels or something that can be washed in hot water and dry on a hot cycle with the same load. Peel them out of the stockings and run your nail on them like a small scratch to make sure felting has taken place if not repeat the wash and dry cycles. If you would like it scented you can use essential oils to your liking.

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The Pagan Princess Crochet

Writers block!?

First off I want to say happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and happy holidays. It’s sure been a while since I have logged on, let alone written anything. It’s sure been a rough 4ish month, I lost what was to be a a very bright blessing, brother was hit by someone who ran a stop sign, we lost 3/4 of our flock from either a dog or coyote. But on a very bright note to this dismal year, my boyfriend is starting a new job and then in a couple of months we are buying a home.

Onto the crochet block….I have been trying to do small projects as I can finish one thing to save my soul. I was able to finish the baby set I had started for my new nephew coming in the middle of next month, and then my children suckered me into making hats for their classes….58 hats total, what was I thinking saying yes…lol, I am almost half done, thank goodness.

I will be posting the links to the patterns when I get them posted on etsy or ravelry so please be patient with me.

And once again thanks for reading the Pagan Princess Crochet Blog