Writers block!?

First off I want to say happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and happy holidays. It’s sure been a while since I have logged on, let alone written anything. It’s sure been a rough 4ish month, I lost what was to be a a very bright blessing, brother was hit by someone who ran a stop sign, we lost 3/4 of our flock from either a dog or coyote. But on a very bright note to this dismal year, my boyfriend is starting a new job and then in a couple of months we are buying a home.

Onto the crochet block….I have been trying to do small projects as I can finish one thing to save my soul. I was able to finish the baby set I had started for my new nephew coming in the middle of next month, and then my children suckered me into making hats for their classes….58 hats total, what was I thinking saying yes…lol, I am almost half done, thank goodness.

I will be posting the links to the patterns when I get them posted on etsy or ravelry so please be patient with me.

And once again thanks for reading the Pagan Princess Crochet Blog

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