Wool dryer balls…

I have decided to try my had at making these and let me tell ya, it’s quite easy! The first few rounds of wraps are the most challenging but it works up into a chemical free dryer ball. Directions underneath

Materials needed:

100% wool yarn/roving

Knee high stocking ( I paid .35$)


Yarn needle

And a bit of acrylic yarn

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Any 100% wool yarn/roving will work, I wrapped my 2 fingers about 15 times, slid the yarn off and repeated this until I reached my desired size of my dryer ball! They work up super quick, once you are finished making the balls to your desired size weave in your tail and place in stockings until taut and tie off with acrylic yarn in between balls.

Wash in a hot wash with towels or something that can be washed in hot water and dry on a hot cycle with the same load. Peel them out of the stockings and run your nail on them like a small scratch to make sure felting has taken place if not repeat the wash and dry cycles. If you would like it scented you can use essential oils to your liking.

Thanks for reading

The Pagan Princess Crochet

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